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Workers' Compensation Program


The primary goal of the Public Sector Workers' Compensation Program is to respond to workplace injuries with the best, most appropriate medical care at a reasonable cost, and to return employees back to work as soon as medically possible. Workers' Compensation is a system of benefits provided by law for workers who have job-related injuries or illnesses. Benefits are paid for injuries or illnesses that were caused by an employee's work. The District of Columbia's Office of Risk Management self-administers all Public Sector Workers' Compensation claims.

Who's Covered

An employee is eligible for benefits while working or performing work tasks' when the injury or illness arises out of and in the course of his or her employment, including when traveling in a government vehicle or other mode of transportation while performing District of Columbia business.

Return to Work

  • Return to work means helping employees get back to work as soon as possible after a job-related injury or illness.

  • Return to work is successful when there is communication between the injured worker and his or her agency.

  • Return to work keeps loss of productivity to a minimum.

  • There are three return to work options for injured employees: (1) Alternative Work; (2) Light Duty; or (3) Modified Duty

How to File a Claim 

(1) Submit Notice of Injury within thirty (30) days of the injury to the Immediate Supervisor and the Public Sector Workers' Compensation Program (PSWCP) at www.erisk.dc.gov or call 202-442-HELP (4357). Please note that the Program will not authorize or pay any medical expenses until a claim for Compensation has been filed and accepted by the PSWCP. you must provide Form 2 to your supervisor to complete. 

(2) Once the PSWCP receives the employee's Form 1 and Employing Agency's Form 2, the PSWCP will provide the Claimant with a Compensation Claim Packet (CCP).

(3) Complete and submit the Compensation Claim Packet to the PSWCP. The CCP will include the following required Documents:

  • Form CA-7, Part A - Claim for Compensation (Employee Statement) - To be completed by Employee

  • Form 3 - Physician's Report of Employee's Injury - To be completed by Physician

  • Form 3A - Employee's Statement of Medical History - To be completed by Employee

  • Form 4 - Employee Authorization for release of Medical Records - To be completed by Employee

  • IRS Form 4506-T - Employee Authorization for Release of Earnings - To be completed by Employee

  • Form CA7, Part B - Claim for Compensation (Employing Agency Statement) - To be completed by Employing Agency

All forms can be found in the Workers' Compensation Tab under Forms.

*Please note that a claim will not be deemed filed until the Program receives all of the required documents.

(4) Once a claim is filed, you will receive an acknowledgement form. the PSWCP will review the claim and issue a decision within 30 days, absent extraordinary circumstances.

For detailed information related to the Public Sector Workers' Compensation Program, please see ORM's DC Coded and Regulations under the Workers' Compensation Tab.