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How Am I Driving? Program

The mission of the “How Am I Driving?” Program is to promote a safe driving culture for District government employees. Instances of unsafe driving practices are encouraged to be reported in an effort to mitigate exposures to risk and encourage the safe operation of motor vehicles by District government employees. 

While most drivers operate their government vehicles responsibly, the presence of “How Am I Driving?” bumper stickers provides an added incentive to drive cautiously.  The Office of Risk Management has coordinated with agencies to put “How Am I Driving?” stickers on all government vehicles. The bumper stickers direct the public to dial the District’s call center (dial 311) to report drivers who are not obeying traffic laws or drivers they wish to commend for their driving skill. The Office of Risk Management tracks the number of complaints and compliments; communicating results to the Agency Risk Management Representatives. 

Please Note: The responsibilities for Fleet Certifying Officials are in conjunction with Mayor’s Order 2009-160, Government and Personal Vehicle Operators Accountability Policy.