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How Am I Driving? Program

The mission of the “How Am I Driving?” Program is to promote a safe driving culture for District government employees through reporting instances of unsafe driving practices and mitigation exposures of risk while ensuring the safety of motorist and District government employees. District of Columbia government employees operate a large vehicle fleet.  While most drivers operate their government vehicles responsibly, the presence of “How Am I Driving?” bumper stickers provides added incentive to drive cautiously.  The Office of Risk Management has coordinated with agencies to put “How Am I Driving?” stickers on all government vehicles. The bumper stickers will direct the public to dial the District’s call center (dial 311) to report drivers who are not obeying traffic laws or those that they wish to commend. The Office of Risk Management tracks the number of complaints and compliments and communicates results to Agency Risk Managers.

Benefits of the “How Am I Driving?” Program

  • Saves lives and reduces accidents because the drivers know they are operating in a supervised environment
  • Retains employees, positive recognition
  • Enhances public image, shows concern for public safety, assures driving public knows the agency cares when it is made easy to report driving performance
  • Promotes job stability and security--re-training drivers who receive incidents reports help them drive better and shows an investment in their careers

Agency Risk Managers

The Office of Risk Management is responsible for ensuring a safe driving culture for District government employees and mitigating exposures of risk to ensure the safety of motorists and District employees.   To ensure a safe driving culture, all “How Am I Driving?” complaints your agency receives must be investigated and a resolution submitted to the Office of Risk Management within 15 business days.  Please refer to the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR) Chapter 16, Table of Appropriations, for guidance with disciplinary actions, if necessary.

The agency will now be sending you every complaint and compliment received in a letter via email with important details of the complaint/compliment.

We are closely monitoring each complaint received and will offer recommendations if we notice a particular trend within your agency.

Please be mindful of the responsibilities of the Agency Risk Management Representative and/or the Fleet Certifying Official with regard to the program:

  • Approve all agency internal vehicle operator policies and procedures.
  • Provide the Office of Risk Management fleet inventories of all agency-owned and leased vehicles, and gives updates on purchased, transferred and relinquished vehicles.
  • Verify all District government vehicle operator drivers’ licenses.
  • Maintain a driving log of all agency drivers capturing driving route, date, time checked out, purpose of use and time checked in.
  • Continue to monitor and identify repeat offenders and address the issue.
  • Identify and contact operator of vehicle corresponding to a “How Am I Driving?” compliment/complaint.
  • Resolve every complaint received, after your investigation and send a copy of the resolution within 15 business days to the Office of Risk Management staff.
  • Collect and track Motor Vehicle Accident Report Forms within 96 hours of an accident involving a District government vehicle operator.
  • Assist the Office of Risk Management in responding to compliments/complaints and implementing recommendations, trainings, disciplinary and reward actions for driving offenses.

Please Note: The responsibilities for Fleet Certifying Officials are in conjunction with Mayor’s Order 2009-160, Government and Personal Vehicle Operators Accountability Policy.