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Driver Authorization

Driver Authorization for District government Employees and Contractors

District government employees and contractors must submit a copy of a valid driver’s license and execute the District government Vehicle Operator’s Acknowledgement on an annual basis in order to receive authorization to operate a motor vehicle to conduct District government business. In cooperation with District government agencies, the Office of Risk Management (ORM) will use information submitted through the ERisk Driver Authorization portal to determine a District Government employee or contractor’s eligibility to drive a motor vehicle to conduct District government business.

Please be advised that submission of a Driver Authorization Request to ERisk does not constitute authorization to drive a motor vehicle for the conduct of District Government business.

After submitting a Driver Authorization Request, you will receive a follow-up email advising you of the status of your request and any determinations made of your eligibility to drive to conduct District government business.

As part of the Driver Authorization Request, you must provide the following documentation, where applicable:

  1. A copy of your valid Driver’s License;
  2. For Driver’s Licenses issued outside of the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia, a copy of your Motor Vehicle Record for the state in which your license was issued;
  3. For a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), a copy of your signed DOT Certification;
  4. If requesting to drive your personal vehicle to conduct District Government business, a copy of the insurance policy that covers the vehicle you drive to conduct District Government business.

If you do not provide the appropriate supporting documentation, your request to drive to conduct District government business may be denied. Further, by submitting a Driver Authorization Request to the ERisk Driver Authorization portal, you agree to all the terms and conditions contained in the online Government of the District of Columbia Vehicle Operator’s Acknowledgement form. The District of Columbia Office of Risk Management reserves the right verify all the information submitted in the Driver Authorization Request.

If you have questions related to your request, please call ORM’s Risk Prevention and Safety Division at (202) 727-8600 during normal business hours or email us at [email protected]