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Agency Risk Manager Representative

Risk management is an essential business process designed to systematically preserve the physical, human and financial resources of the government through the process of implementing decisions that minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses on an organization.

The Agency Risk Management Representative (ARMR) serves as the primary point of contact for implementing District-wide and agency risk management initiatives. 

The ARMR’s responsibilities include:

  • Implementing a variety of integrated risk and safety related programs
  • Monitoring and measuring program effectiveness
  • Managing the execution of agency Risk Assessment and Control Committee (RACC) activities and initiatives
  • Functioning as the Agency Safety Officer
  • Implementing programs that increase awareness of effective risk management practices and policies
  • Setting the agency risk management function’s goals, objectives and priorities, in accordance with the DC Office of Risk Management’s (ORM) strategic integrated risk management program
  • Balancing the safety needs and priorities with available resources
  • Submitting required reports/documents in a timely manner

The position, in partnership with the DC Office of Risk Management (ORM), provides technical risk management leadership to the agency in the identification and response to risk exposures, appropriate loss control measures and administrative guidance in the review and evaluation of risk management issues. Overall, the position is responsible for participating in the development of the agency’s vision, mission and strategies, and  implementing consistent and supportive related risk management unit strategies in the context of the strategic, integrated risk management program of the DC Office of Risk Management, and agency objectives. ARMR’s ensures the highest level of safety and security for every agency employee.