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Agency Risk Assessment and Control Committees

Each agency has been asked to establish a management Risk Assessment and Control Committee (RACC) to meet quarterly. The purpose of the RACC is to maintain a proactive, comprehensive program of risk assessment and control of the agency, in cooperation with the Office of Risk Management, that minimizes the frequency and severity and probability of losses to which the agency is exposed. Also, to cultivate awareness, understanding and support for risk and safety management initiatives in the agency as part of DC’s strategic, integrated risk management program.


  • Agency Risk Management Specialist/Manager -- Secretary.
  • Upper level agency management -- Chairperson.
  • Program Managers, General Counsel, HR Advisor, CFO, IT Manager, Facilities Manager, Fleet Manager, first line supervisors, safety officer and labor union representative.

Typical Activities/Discussion Items

Incident and loss review

  • Employee workers’ compensation issues
  • Vehicles
  • Physical and human resource safety and security
  • Department property and equipment
  • Other

Exposure review

  • Services, activities and programs
  • Contracts
  • Other

Cost of Risk Review

  •  Actual losses (tort claims up to $10,000/vehicular and property losses/ theft)

Recommendation Tracking

  • Outstanding recommendations

Training review

  • Vehicles
  • Physical and human resource safety and security
  • Property and equipment
  • Procedures
  • Other

Incentives and Accountability

  • Incentive program
  • Accountability issues

Emergency Response Planning

  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency Management Agency related issues
  • Emergency response exercises